Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kitty and Cup

This week I'll be introducing Kitty or Cat and Cup to Dashiell. These should be easy since they are both objects he comes into contact with fairly frequently.

When he is chasing the cats, I will try to get in his line of vision and sign and say the word, "Kitty." He loves to chase the kitties! And he's fast so sometimes he catches them!

I also have a book I will try to share and sign with him about Kitties. Although reading to Dashiell is always a challenge. I can show him the pictures and sign the word for him. He won't have to be on my lap! He is always trying to dash off (hehe).

He is starting to drink more and more cow's milk and less milk out of his bottles. (Less pumping!) I'll sign cup with him while he is in his high chair with his cup when I give it to him. 

A favorite game he likes to play is when he throws his cup off his high chair and waits for some to pick it up.  Usually he looks at his big sister who loves picking it up for him! I can sign cup when I pick it up. "Where's your cup!" 


Crayon Wrangler said...

I found you through FF and am anxious to continue reading and seeing how signing works for you. Best of luck!

The Graves Family (Monkey Tales) said...

I follow you from follow friday! You have a great blog :)I would love if you come and follow me!

Joaness said...

Happy Follow Friday! I met a lot of friends from Galudet College years ago and learned to sign a little but need to practice and pick it up again.
Please take a look at my blog when you have a chance and have a great weekend!

Adrienne said...

Found you on FF and I can't wait to read more

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

Following you from a late Friday Follow. Your blog is very informative. I look forward to reading more in the archives.

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Ron Cooper said...

Hello there!

I’m following your nice family blog on Google Friends Connect, and am your latest Friday Follower. I would appreciate a follow-back on GFC and/or Networked Blogs!