Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clapping and Pointing

Well, it's not signing but Dashiell has been clapping and pointing.  In this way he is communicating with us.  It is so much fun to see him pointing at the things he sees.  When he points we say the word of the thing we think he is pointing to.  The other night we went for a walk and his little hand was in the air the whole time pointing at trees and houses.  He's so cute!

He loves to clap too! He likes "If You're Happy and You Know It!".  We listen to a CD in the car and there is a clapping song that he always joins in.  I can see him in the mirror in the backseat clapping his chubby little hands. 

This is a great age to start signing because I know he has the ability to use his hands to communicate with us.  He isn't picking them up as quickly as his sister but we haven't been as enthusiastic with signing as we were with him. 

I am committed to signing with him and will try to find ways to incorporate the signs and remind myself to sign with him. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kitty and Cup

This week I'll be introducing Kitty or Cat and Cup to Dashiell. These should be easy since they are both objects he comes into contact with fairly frequently.

When he is chasing the cats, I will try to get in his line of vision and sign and say the word, "Kitty." He loves to chase the kitties! And he's fast so sometimes he catches them!

I also have a book I will try to share and sign with him about Kitties. Although reading to Dashiell is always a challenge. I can show him the pictures and sign the word for him. He won't have to be on my lap! He is always trying to dash off (hehe).

He is starting to drink more and more cow's milk and less milk out of his bottles. (Less pumping!) I'll sign cup with him while he is in his high chair with his cup when I give it to him. 

A favorite game he likes to play is when he throws his cup off his high chair and waits for some to pick it up.  Usually he looks at his big sister who loves picking it up for him! I can sign cup when I pick it up. "Where's your cup!" 

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week's Signs: Bath and Ball

Every week I will be concentrating on two signs to teach Dashiell. I will share with you how I will teach the signs to him and integrate them into our lives.

This week's Signs will be "bath" and "book"

I will sign "bath" when we get in and out of the bath. I will sign the song from "Sign, Sing and Play!" by Monta Z. Briant.

Water, water in the tub
Bathtime, bathtime
Water, water in the tub
Baby's bathtime's here.
Wash the baby's nose
wash the baby's toes
Water, water in the tub
Baby's bathtime's here.

I will sign "book" when Dashiell picks up a book and when I sit down with him to read a book.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dashiell's First Real Word

Dashiell said "more" this morning. I am not the least bit surprised that his first sign was "more" and his first real word is "more". This is the sign we do the most while he is eating and the kid loves to eat!

It was clear as day and completely intentional. He looked right at me signed it and said it. He has said dada, mama and various forms of
Annabelle (Ah-nah, Nah-Nah, A-Ba).