Monday, April 12, 2010

Animals at the Zoo

The zoo is a great place to teach signs.  This is the first time Dashiell was awake the whole time we were at the zoo.  I taught him as many signs as I could.  He did the sign for fish.  He really liked the fish! He was wide-eyed the whole time and love washing the fish swim around!
He also really liked the monkeys.  It was hard to sign monkeys while I was holding him but I moved his arm to do the sign.  He did make the sound monkeys make.  That was really funny!
This morning he did the sign for cat too! He just loves those cats! He was in his high chair and the cat was playing nearby and Dashiell was craning his neck to see him.  I said and signed Cat and he signed it back to me!
I know I haven't posted much lately but I recieved a comment about posting the sign on the blog so my followers can teach the sign as well.  I will be doing that but haven't had the time to work it all out! I hope you'll stay tuned!