Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Solid Foods

Dashiell recently began eating solid foods. We gave him his first tastes of rice cereal a week ago and the big guy gobbled it all right up. He is quite the eater! I took the opportunity to begin signing with him. I have been showing him the signs for "more" and "all done". I also began showing him the sign for "milk" when I nurse him. This is mostly for me to get into the habit of signing with him while feed him. I think with the second it is going to be harder to start signing because our lives our twice as busy but I have also seen the benefits of signing first hand so I am fully committed to signing with my son.
The fun part of signing with my second child is how my first child is getting excited about it. It seems like only yesterday Annabelle was signing "more" like crazy! Since we stopped signing with her awhile back she has forgotten most of her signs so its like we are teaching them both the signs. She ran to him the other day and signed "more" and "milk" while he sat in his bouncy seat. I think she is going to be happy she can communicate with him as well.

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