Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Signing Explosion

All of the books I've read have talked about the signing explosion that can happen around this age or stage of signing. Well, we have certainly seen an explosion of signing. Annabelle signs more, milk, drink all the time now. Her newest frequent sign is cracker. She loves animal crackers and she will sign this whenever she wants one which is often. I took her to the library the other day and she was walking around signing ball, which looks a lot like her sign for more, and I couldn't figure out what she needed more of. What she was signing was ball when we were playing with the toys. She also saw stuffed apples and she was signing ball.
I swear she was signing flower too the other day when she saw a flower on the cover of a magazine in the checkout aisle. She seems to sign it a lot too but it also looks like her sign for eat and she also looks like she's just touching her nose. So it is easy to miss.
Some people ask me if I am worried about her not talking and only signing instead. I am not. She has many words as well as her signs. She said mama and dada around 7 or 8 months (then both my husband and I were dada for awhile!). Besides that her first official word was "kitty" all though it sounds like "itty". She also says ball, bed and book but they all sound like "ba". She also says "cracker" because of her love for animal crackers! I have also heard her say what has sounded like "dog" before. We are constantly pointed things out to her that we know the sign for and signing and talking to her. Just because we sign with her doesn't mean we stop talking to her. If anything we are talking more to her.

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